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We offer you a distinctive range of tours and expeditions in all corners of Mongolia. Join one of our scheduled group tours or ask us for a customized tour especially designed for your private group. Our trips are designed to accommodate two general levels of comfort and activities. To help you make the right choice please read the following descriptions.

Tours with “G” code
For those wishing more comfortable lodging, we have trips offering ger camp accommodation. Gers, the traditional felt structures of nomads are spacious, very comfortable, beautifully decorated and with beds and bedding provided.  In addition to offering washrooms with showers and flush toilets, these camps also have a dining Ger, a perfect way to gather and socialize while enjoying fine dining.  “G” trips are appropriate for any age or level of fitness.  We may suggest a day hike or offer an opportunity to ride horses or camels as part of the trip. These activities are not arduous or demanding.

Expeditions with “E” code
Expedition tours travel to the remote corners of Mongolia where there aren’t many tourist facilities. On expedition tours, we offer camping in tents for some of the nights. Mats and blankets are provided for extra warmth; participants bring their own sleeping bags.  We also set up a dining tent with tables and chairs.  A toilet tent is also set up and a shower tent when possible.
Adventure activities offered on expeditions are of moderate to advanced level of difficulty. Mongolian horses are small but with good stamina, well tempered and relatively easy to handle. If you have a reasonable level of fitness and have ridden a few times before, you are eligible for a horseback-riding trip. We provide Australian saddles for riding. The two-humped Bactrian camels in Mongolia are extremely comfortable to ride. No prior experience is necessary.

Making a Booking

When you have decided on the trip that is right for you, simply submit a booking form online. As soon as we receive your booking form and your deposit, you will receive a letter of confirmation. Further important advice and information about your visit will be sent in due course.

Making a Payment

A non-refundable deposit of USD200 will secure your place on the tour. The balance should be paid no later than 2 months prior to your arrival in Mongolia. Payments can be made by wire transfer to our bank account in Mongolia, or by credit card. We accept American Express, Visa, Master Card, and JCB.


All our trips include a travel medical insurance for the scheduled duration of your trip, from the date of your arrival until the day of your departure. This insurance has a value up to USD30.000 to cover the cost of medical services taken in Mongolia including air evacuation within the territory of Mongolia. However, we encourage all clients to make their own travel insurance as well.


  • Mongol Khan Expeditions reserves the right to cancel trips when there are less than 3 bookings. Trip members will be given a choice between paying a surcharge to run the trip with less than 3 people, selecting another trip or cancelling their trip. Should cancellation be necessary the client's payment will be 100% refunded or used to build another trip's price.
  • Mongol Khan Expeditions reserves the right to change the date or itinerary of trips without a prior notice to clients.
  • Mongol Khan Expeditions will not be responsible for the misoperation of the trip caused by factors beyond the control of Mongol Khan Expeditions.
  • Mongol Khan Expeditions will not be responsible for any medical expenses incurred outside of Mongolia as well as for evacuation out of Mongolia. It’s a client’s responsibility to be covered from those potential expenses by his or her own insurance.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel no later than 6 weeks prior to the scheduled start of your trip, no cancellation fee will be charged. All monies will be refunded except for your non-refundable deposit of USD200.
If you cancel between 6 to 3 weeks prior to the scheduled start of your trip, a cancellation fee of 30% of the total cost of the trip will be charged. The remaining 70% will be refunded to the client.
If you cancel between 3 to 1 weeks prior to the scheduled start of your trip, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total cost of the trip will be charged.
If you cancel less than a week prior to the scheduled start of your trip, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the total cost of the trip. There is no refund.

Refund payments will be sent back to the client’s bank account within a week of the cancellation date. For each refund payment a bank transfer charge will be deducted from the refundable amount.
The Ancient Cultures of Western Mongolia - 16 days

Trip code Trip date

E12-01 June 29 – July 14, 08

Nestled between two ancient giants of world civilization, China and Russia, the western provinces of Mongolia hold as many intriguing and diverse relics, cultures, traditions and customs as her mighty neighbours. This unique tour takes you to some of the most isolated and remarkable regions of Mongolia.

The three western provinces of Mongolia – Khovd, Bayan Olgii and Uvs are dominated by the towering grandeur of the Altai Mountain Range. This mountain range contains the highest peaks of Mongolia, the exquisite snow-capped beauties of Tsambagarav, Tavan Bogd and Turgen Mountains. The many diverse ethnic minority groups of the west carry out their nomadic way of life. Littered throughout the valleys are small white dots, nomadic gers, which are constantly moved by the herders, looking for greener pastures for their flocks. Worldly belongings are carted on horseback, carts and camels along steep, rocky hillsides, following the timeworn routes of their forefathers. We will visit their homes and experience their unique way of life amongst the mountain peaks, valleys strewn with wildflowers and fresh water lakes teeming with fish.

Many of the Kazakh men pride themselves with their great skill in hunting with Golden Eagles. These massive eagles are often caught at a very young age and trained to hunt small prey in the winter months. The men carry the large birds on their arms as they ride on horseback, out for the hunt. In the summer months the family keeps the birds close to home and they are fattened for the winter’s work. The Kazakh women produce some astonishingly beautiful appliqué, stitching and felt rugs.

On this tour we will witness the National Naadam Festival. The Festival consists of the three national sports of horse racing, wrestling and archery. Naadam has been held for centuries as a form of memorial celebration, as an annual sacrificial ritual honouring various mountain gods or to celebrate a community endeavour. It’s believed that in old times, Naadam has also served as a contest to choose the best horses and warriors for the battles.

At the end of the trip we’ll make two days of moderate hiking in Turgen Mountains up to the edge of the glacier

Day 1
Today you will arrive in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. On arrival you will be transferred to the Bayan Gol Hotel to check-in and freshen up. In the afternoon we will have a leisurely program of sightseeing stopping at the Main Square with statues to the National heroes. Then we visit the National History Museum.

Bayangol hotel (L, D)

Day 2
Full day of sightseeing in the city starts with the visit to Gandan Monastery. Then we will visit the Bogd Khan’s Winter Palace Museum, where the last King of Mongolia used to live. There will be some time for shopping. The evening entertainment is a Fashion Show of Mongolian traditional costumes.

Bayangol hotel (B, L, D)

Day 3
In the morning you will be transferred to the airport for the flight to Khovd. On arrival you will be taken to a ger camp outside of the town. In the afternoon we will go for a trip to Khar Us Lake to enjoy the birds and a glorious view of the surrounding landscape. There are about 260 different species of birds inhabiting on the lake during the summer. It is advisable to bring your binoculars on this trip not only for birds but also to follow the horse racing at the Naadam festival. In the evening we will be entertained by a performance of traditional Mongolian music and throat singing. Khovd is considered to be the cradle of this unique form of singing art.

Ger camp (B, L, D)

Day 4
Drive to Shishegt gorge where Khovd river flows through the high cliff walls creating a truly magnificent scenery and sound. Have a rest in the afternoon and enjoy the wilderness.

Tented camp (B, L, D)

Day 5
Today we drive up into the mountains, to the picturesque campsite with an amazing vista of the snow-capped peak of Tsambargarav Mountain and the vast plain stretching from its foothils. The surrounding hills are quite striking for hiking enthusiasts.

Tented camp (B, L, D)

Day 6
Today we will drive into Bayan Olgii province. The largest minority group of Mongolia, the Kazakh people, populates this area. The Kazakhs came to Mongolia a few hundred years ago, fleeing from tribal warfare in western China. The Mongolian Government granted them land and freedom in Bayan Olgii, where they continue to live and carry out their traditional culture until the present day.

On the way we will stop to visit a Khazak family experiencing their unique culture. Although their nomadic lifestyle is very similar to that of the Mongols there are some key difference. They are Kazakh-speaking and follow the traditions of Islam. Their gers are strewn with astonishingly beautiful appliqué, stitching and felt rugs that Kazakh women produce themselves. Khazak men practice their centuries old tradition of hunting with Golden Eagles. We then drive to Olgii, the provincial center.

Ger camp (B, L, D)

Day 7
Today is a long day drive. Driving along the Khovd River bank will lead us onto the shores of Achit Lake. After some break at the Lake we continue driving into Uvs province. Our destination is Uureg Lake nestled amongst high mountains. Swimming and relaxing by the lakeshore.

Tented camp (B, L, D)

Day 8
We continue the drive into Turgen Mountains. On the way, we will come across some ancient burial sites and stone monuments. Arriving at Khoh Nuur lake, we will visit nomad families in their gers.

Tented camp (B, L, D)

Day 9-10
For the next two days we will take a hike from the foothills of Turgen Mountain all way to the glacier. Turgen Mountain is one of the highest peaks of Altai Mountain Range and is elevated to 4000m. The green meadow towards the glacier is carpeted with wild flowers, making brilliant contrasts with the snow and boulders. . There are many crystal clear streams originating from the glacier that flow down through the mountainous gorges and valleys making a sharp, echoing sound in the still mountain air. The valley comes alive in the summer months when nomadic peoples move their herds into the area to fatten their animals for the long winter months. There would also be opportunities for travelling by horse for those who would like to ride

Tented camp (B, L, D)

Day 11
This morning we will hike back to meet our vehicles again. Today we drive to Ulaangom the capital of Uvs province and arrive in the late afternoon.

Hotel in Ulaangom (B, L, D)

Day 12-13
For two days we will join the local people to enjoy the National Naadam Festivals. The Festival consists of the three national sports of horse racing, wrestling and archery. The competition is particularly fierce in the western provinces, as many of the best riders cannot make the long journey to the capital where the country’s best compete. It is an exciting time with horses racing long distances, by jockeys as young as 10 years old, racing across the dusty countryside, bareback. The wrestling takes place in the main stadium with, amongst the tall grass and relaxed atmosphere. Traditional Mongolian wrestling has its unique clothes and interesting rules.

Hotel in Ulaangom (B, L, D)

Day 14
Another day in Ulaangom where we will visit a local museum and a Buddhist temple. In the afternoon we will go for a day trip to Uvs Lake, the biggest in Mongolia. Its shore offers a great bird watching opportunities and a lake-bath in the desert heat.

Hotel in Ulaangom (B, L, D)

Day 15
Today we fly back to Ulaanbaatar. Farewell dinner.

Bayangol hotel (B, L, D)

Day 16
You will be taken to the airport for your departure flight.

Day 1 Arrival in Ulaanbaatar and sightseeing, o/n Bayangol hotel;

Day 2 A day of sightseeing in the city, o/n Bayangol hotel;

Day 3 Fly to Khovd, trip to Khar Us Lake, o/n Ger camp;

Day 4 Drive to Shishegt gorge, o/n Tented camp;

Day 5 Drive near Tsambagarav Mountain, o/n Tented camp;

Day 6 Drive to Olgii, visit Eagle hunters on the way, o/n Ger camp;

Day 7 Drive to Uureg Lake, o/n Tented camp;

Day 8 Drive to Khokh Nuur Lake, o/n Tented camp;

Day 9-10 Two days hiking to Turgen Mountain, o/n Tented camp;

Day 11 Hike back to vehicles and drive to Ulaangom, o/n hotel in Ulaangom;

Day 12-13 Two days at Naadam Festival, o/n hotel in Ulaangom;

Day 14 Sightseeing in Ulaangom, a trip to Uvs Lake, o/n hotel in Ulaangom;

Day 15 Fly to Ulaanbaatar, o/n Bayangol hotel;

Day 16 International departure

Price per person:

USD3350 for group of 3-7 people

USD3000 for group of 8-11 people

USD2910 for group of 12-16 people

Single accommodation available at USD200

Price includes:

All transfers and ground transportation

Domestic flights

Twin share stay at Bayangol hotel while in Ulaanbaatar

Twin share accommodation at Ger camp

Twin share stay at hotel in Ulaangom

All camping equipment except sleeping bags

All meals

All entrance fees to museums and monasteries

National park fees

Fees for riding animals

Local wranglers and other support staff

English speaking guide throughout the trip

Travel medical insurance

The price does not include:

International flights


Alcoholic drinks


Items of a personal nature
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