Meet the nomads

Mongolia is the country of a horse based nomadic culture. It is not an exaggeration to say that Mongolians are born and die on horseback. The livestock breeding is the key traditional and ancient economic sector in Mongolia. Nomads herd sheep, goats, camels, cows and horses. In the mountain areas there are yaks. In the northern Mongolia, ethnic Tsaatans herd reindeers for living. The nomads move from place to place in search of good pasture for their livestock. They live in round felt tent all year around that is named “Ger”. The gers are easily dismounted and moved on the back of a camel, or a yak, or a truck. Once in the new settlement, it takes only minutes to erect the ger with joint efforts of all family members.

On our tours we often visit local nomadic families. They are hospitable and friendly to guests. Accustomed to a kind of secluded life, anyone who passes by is a welcome source of information about what is going in the world.
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