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We offer a distinctive range of tours and expeditions in all corners of Mongolia. Most trips are one to two weeks long. Join one of our scheduled group tours or ask us for a customized tour especially designed for your private group. Our trips are designed to accommodate two general levels of comfort and activities.

For those wishing more comfortable lodging, we have trips offering ger camp accommodation wherever we go. Gers, the traditional dwelling of nomads, are round felt tents which are spacious and with proper beds and sheets. Ger camps have a communal facility for hot showers and flush toilets. Activities on ger camp tours include optional day hikes, day horse or camel rides which are not difficult and do not require physical conditioning or expertise.

Expedition tours travel to remote corners of Mongolia where there aren’t many tourist facilities. Although some trips may include a couple night's lodging in ger camps, you will mostly camp in expedition tents. All the camping equipment will be provided for you except for a sleeping bag. Adventure activities on expedition tours are of moderate dificulty. These include days of linear hiking in the mountains, horse back riding or camel safari in the gobi. They are not arduous trips created only for the super fit. Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can join these trips. There is no age limit on our trips. If you are healthy and young at heart, you are welcome to join us.
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