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I have used Mongol Khan Expeditions three times and have been enormously pleased with their very personal service, quality, honesty, integrity, accommodations, transportation means, food and general ambiance. They go out of their way to make your needs fulfilled. I am an international travel photo/journalist based in L.A.. I have done all seven continents and eighty one countries so I do speak from experience. You can't go wrong with them.
Jered Barclay
Los Angeles, USA

I have twice been on memorable rides with Monkhtuya and Bodio through their Mongolkhan Expeditions. The first unforgettable trip was in the wide-open spaces of Arkhangai province. The second one was equally enjoyable but very different in the wilds of the Altai Mountains in the far west of the country.
They took great trouble to organize the trips with friendly staff, good horses, great campsites and excellent food. I'd recommend this thoroughly Mongolian experience to anyone fascinated by the wilder places of their beautiful country
Susan Belgrave

I’ve had the great fortune to travel with Mongol Khan Expeditions several times and am about to go off on another journey.  What started as a one-time trip to ride Mongolian horses became a quest to see all of Mongolia on horseback.  This, in turn, evolved into a major research project, and my trips back now are for research and visiting old friends scattered around the country.  Whether heading out on one of their own adventures, or having them orchestrate trips for research, I can count on absolute perfection in preparation, personnel, equipment, and imagination.  They have top-notch staff and are very supportive of the individuals and communities in the regions where they travel.   Proud of their Mongolian heritage, they provide wonderful opportunities to fully experience Mongolian life and to meet the most hospitable people on earth.  With a wonderful sense of their client’s interests and needs, they provide an incredible experience and have a great time doing it.  For the record, there is no finer voice than Bodio’s – chanteur of the Gobi!  Be careful.  Lock up your heart or you may be leaving it there.
Mary Underwood
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA  

An English friend of ours who had worked as cook for several seasons with Mongol Khan Expeditions came to visit my husband and me in Wyoming. I took her horseback riding and seeing our landscape, she said, “You must go to Mongolia!” She knew what she was talking about. So six friends from several Rocky Mountain states traveled with Mongol Khan Expeditions for a three week horseback trip in the late summer of 2005. We are proud of our landscapes here, but Mongolia made our wide open spaces seem small and crowded, and there are no fences! We think of ourselves as friendly, hospitable folk in the Rocky Mountains, but we can’t hold a candle to the Mongolians we met and traveled with.

Mongol Khan Expeditions is a totally professional outfit. Our every need was met in a timely manner. Our guides were knowledgeable, friendly and fun, and we all came away feeling we had made new friends, even though some of our guides spoke no English and we no Mongolian. Our impression of the people of Mongolia brings to mind such words as hospitable, friendly, tolerant, fun-loving, capable, self-sufficient and wise. The landscapes we traveled through were huge and visually stunning.

One of the most compelling reasons to travel with Mongol Khan Expeditions is that they are a Mongolian-owned and Mongolian-run company. Who better to teach you the fascinating history of the country and show you the wonders of Mongolia than someone born and raised there? Be prepared to make new friends, to be awed by the landscape and intrigued by the nomadic way of life, to be charmed by the brilliantly decorated gers, whose comfort and utility have no equal. And be prepared to leave Mongolia feeling somehow bereft.
Roxy Corbett
Powell, Wyoming

Traveling with Mongol Khan Expeditions is to experience the best of Mongolia with friends. They pioneer fantastic treks of discovery across the Mongolian frontier and the famous hospitality of the locals is only ever a ger away. Bodio and Monkhtuya are best placed to deliver the trip of a lifetime in Mongolia because they know and respect the land and its people, as evidenced by their charity work which is a wonderful adjunct to their business. Once you travel to Mongolia with Mongol Khan Expeditions, you can never really leave ... the memories and the friendships will stay with you forever.
Barry Jiggins

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