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Who we are

Our dedicated team of skilled professionals is proud representatives of Mongolia's many diverse regions and ethnic groups. Our company is owned and run by Mongolians, so we love to showcase the best that our country has to offer by arranging tours and expeditions for international travelers with a sense of adventure and exploration. The travel season is relatively brief, from May to October, so in the off-season we focus our energies on producing the baby camel woolen yarn. But it's not all about business, the non profit charitable activities of the Gobi Revival Fund NGO are also what we enjoy doing.

In the Office

Our office staff work together with partner travel companies and local service providers to provide international travelers with a memorable and hassle-free Mongolian experience. Staff members often join expeditions and lead tour groups. They also enjoy heading out into the Mongolian frontier to explore remote destinations and to forge exciting new itineraries.



Field staff

Trip leaders are assigned for expeditions with complicated logistics. They are responsible for the smooth operation of the expeditions in the field to make your trip a once in a lifetime experience. Their outstanding leadership and friendly character is important to both our field staff and to our guests. In effect our trip leaders are ambassadors for Mongolia and they take this role with a great amount of pride and responsibility.

Our foreign language speaking guides are selected for their keen knowledge and respect for native nomadic culture on top of their excellent communication skills. You can expect from them interesting, educational and entertaining information about all aspects of Mongolian life. An annual deepening course for our guides helps them to share their experiences and to improve their skills and knowledge.

Our cooks have many years of experience cooking on expeditions and are trained for western style of cooking, but they most enjoy serving traditional Mongolian dishes on special occasions during our trips.

It is vital to have dedicated and reliable local staff, such as local drivers, horse or camel guides. Being environmentally aware and respectful of local customs and traditions has enabled us to gain the trust and friendship of these talented people, and we are glad that they enjoy joining us year after year.

Gobi staff

Our friends, many forged since childhood times, are instrumental in running the Gobi Camels ger camp, 860 km away from Ulaanbaatar. Equally important they are the key personnel in promoting and managing the charitable programs of the Gobi Revival Fund, supporting nomadic herding households across the Gobi desert.


Behind the scenes

We are fortunate to enjoy the skills of our staff who ensure all our vehicles, equipment and facilities to meet the high standards. The work of our mechanics and a carpenter behind the scenes is an important ingredient of our success. Over and above their maintenance work, they create the beautiful and traditional craftwork, which decorates our Gobi Camels ger camp, office and other facilities.

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