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Our supporters

The Gobi Revival Fund wishes to thank the following individuals and organizations from around the world, who together, by their demonstrated compassion and kindness, are helping the nomadic communities of the Gobi maintain their unique culture and traditions. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Ms. Irma Turtle, Airzona, USA
Mr. Barry Jiggins and People of Queensland, Australa
Ms. Kate Glastonbury, New South Wales, Australia
Ms. Mary Underwood, Ann Arbor, USA
Ms. Naday, Bali, Indonesia
Mr. Hans Hennig's family, Hong Kong
Ms. Nicole Morris, Queensland, Australia
Mr. John Kehoe, Chicago, USA
Ms. Patricia Powell, USA

Turtle Will - charitable organisation, Arizona, USA
British Embassy - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Australian Embassy - Beijing, China
Wridgways - The Removalists, Australia
Ivanhoe Mines INC – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
British Embassy Social Club - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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