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Activities of the Gobi Revival Fund, NGO

1.Management of the Animal Loan Project.

This ongoing project supports nomadic households that have lost part or all of their livestock due to drought and harsh winters. Families receive a loan of livestock to re-establish their herds, ultimately revitalizing their economic self-sufficiency and reducing the effects of poverty in their communities. So far 29 herding households in Bayangovi Soum of Bayankhongor province have been able to restock their herd with the support of the GRF.

2.The annual Camel Festival in Bayankhongor Province.

This initiative encourages herders to increase the size of their camel herds, the numbers of which have been steadily declining for the past few decades. However, after many years, and according to the 2006 statistics, Bayankhongor province has increased the number of its camels and increased it by the biggest percentage amongst all the Provinces. The GRF is proud of this result and believes its efforts have contributed to this exciting achievement. The festival takes places in January each year. At the Festival nomadic camel herders gather together to report their achievements, have fun competitions and to enjoy themselves. The Camel Festival is fast becoming a must-see attraction for winter tourism in Mongolia.

3.Improvement of remote health facilities

The GRF has improved the facilities at 13 hospitals in remote areas of the Gobi region of Bayankhongor province, donating solar panels for lighting, washing machines and bedding items.

4. Support for vulnerable and disadvantaged children

The GRF is at the forefront at helping vulnerable children at schools and kindergartens for disabled children in Ulaanbaatar, as well as children at various orphanages across the city. This support has included the donation of toys, stationery, specialized equipment for disabled children, clothes, mattresses and other bedding supplies, reaching about 3000 children in 2005. In 2006 it extended its support by supplying shoes to 10 000 vulnerable children.

5. The provision of educational supplies to Gobi schools

The GRF has enjoyed supplying 12 Soum schools across Bayankhongor aiamg with new TV sets and stereo equipment, DVD players, English study books, and DVDs and CDs.

6. Construction of improved sanitation works for Gobi schools

In the near future the NGO plans to construct improved toilet facilities for remote schools in the Bayankhongor province. These facilities will represent a benchmark in design and comfort that will see Gobi school children enjoying toilet facilities as good as anywhere.

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