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Introducing the Gobi Revival Fund

The staff at Mongol Khan Expeditions devote their time, energy and resources equally between the travel business and their charitable organization called the Gobi Revival Fund. The Gobi Revival Fund, NGO was established by Bodio in 2003 as a way of helping the nomadic people of the Gobi Desert sustain and promote their centuries-old herding lifestyle and unique cultural identity.

Nomadism across Mongolia has been immensely affected by extreme weather conditions in recent times. Drought and harsh winters have combined to decimate millions of livestock that nomadic communities rely upon for their economic well-being and cultural identity. Against this background the Gobi Revival Fund was formed and it is at the forefront of re-establishing the viability of nomadic herders in the Gobi region.

The GRF is able to do this with innovative and purposeful charitable interventions that succeed because of the close bond shared between the NGO and the people they seek to help. Bodio was born and bred in the Gobi and his knowledge of the people and their needs continues to be based on first hand experience and face-to-face contacts.

The Fund has supported many nomadic families as well as remote schools and hospitals. This success has enabled the GRF to extend its umbrella of support to vulnerable and disadvantaged children across Mongolia, and for this work the Fund has been celebrated in the national Mongolian press.

The travel business of Mongol Khan Expeditions and the charity work of the Gobi Revival Fund complement each other perfectly. The nomadic lifestyle of the people is the main tourist attraction in Mongolia. On tours we meet many people from different backgrounds and nationalities, and these people often develop an enthusiastic empathy for the work of the NGO and support its activities.

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